“App Entrepreneurship Is Not So Scary Or Unattainable Any Longer…”

Dulcie Crowther,

Speech-Language Pathologist, Founder of Spellable

Many aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those from underserved communities, lack the technical skills and resources to digitize their ideas, automate their businesses or build tech enabled ventures. This digital divide hinders innovation, limits the potential for social impact and is contributing to a wealth gap worth billions.

Happii, a digital equity initiative, aims to bridge this gap by democratizing access to app entrepreneurship. Our goal by 2033 is to create 10,000 app entrepreneurs by way of our programming, innovative educational ecosystem of resources and suite of technology tools.

Join The App Accelerator

Our flagship offering, The App Accelerator is a business incubation program that provides ambitious, aspiring innovators with a step by step framework for turning their app ideas into scalable ventures.
Based on the book I Have An App Idea ™ , the program demystifies app development for non-technical professionals, the

program is an onboarding to tech entrepreneurship. It strives to educate and train participants on the fundamentals of working with developers to build a product, while saving them time and money by exposing them to industry best practices and providing the tools and resources to execute.

Our Programs


App Academy Online Institute

Our flagship App Academy is an open-enrollment app development training program that provides non-technical aspiring founders with a step-by-step guide to working with a developer to build their first app.


App Partner Network

An application-only, 15-week hybrid incubation program facilitated in collaboration with one of our ecosystem partners. Each program offers hands-on training in app entrepreneurship, design, product development and management.

How It Works

Get Started

Founders Don’t Always Know What They Don’t Know. We Outline The Intangibles Of App Entrepreneurship And Help Entrepreneurs Start With A Strong Business Foundation.

Design Your Dream

Participants Will Follow Along As We Provide A Budget Conscious, Step-by- Step Educational Curriculum To Help Them To Identify The Best Path To Design And Build Their App. No Coding Or Tech Experience Required.

Develop The Product

Founders Don’t Always Know What They Don’t Know. We Outline The Intangibles Of App Entrepreneurship And Help Entrepreneurs Start With A Strong Business Foundation.


Access Coaching, Trainings, Tutorials And Supporting Resources To Get To The Finish Line.

What’s Included

Weekly Trainings

  • The Business of Apps, how to build a company around your idea
  • The best design and development pathways for you
  • How to find, vet, and work with designers and developer at every stage of the development cycle
  • Marketing & Monetization 




 Tech Tutorials & Trainings

Skip the headache of learning new tools with our guided video walk-thrus.

Developer Directory

 Having trouble finding the right talent? Find a prospective co-founder or the right technical partner to bring your idea to life.

Success Library

We’ve curated a wealth of powerful resources, discounted perks and a thriving community of purpose-driven Appreneur™ that are as ambitious as you are.

Exclusive Expert Interviews, Webinars & Articles

Tap into the knowledge, insights and experience of world renowned app and startup entrepreneurs.

Individualized Coaching

Gain clarity with optional personalized consultations surrounding your idea complimented by meetings with your peers and preceptors

Our Testimonials

“The App Accelerator program has equipped me, as an aspiring tech entrepreneur, with solid practical expertise to move from ideation to finished product. The well-paced and balanced coursework allows working professionals like myself to satisfactorily complete the training. Amanda Spann is a great teacher and is always available to answer my questions”

Boukary Sawadogo, Ph.D.

Scholar, author, and media producer

“The program instructor, Amanda, did a great job breaking the process down step by step, teaching the various concepts, and guiding everyone on their personal journeys in the right direction. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone that has an app idea and has the determination and grit to take it to the next level.”

Zahra jackson

Co-Founder of Vrenz

“This Program Was Heaven-Sent At The Perfect Time In My App Journey The Training Empowered Me With Exactly What I Needed In Order To Bring My App To Life”