The Vision

If you share our belief that Tech-based entrepreneurship plays a pivotal role in future economic advancement, then we need to talk.

Here at the App Accelerator we are striving to build a more equitable and prosperous digital future through collaboration and partnership with organizations like yours. We believe that,together, we can curate an impact-driven, entrepreneurial ecosystem that bridges the technology divide, decreases poverty and promotes inclusive innovation by democratizing access to app entrepreneurship.

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How It Works

We license the App Accelerator to partner organizations in communities around the world to accelerate their development and advance their impact as tech-based entrepreneurship support hubs.

Curriculum Delivery
Operational Toolkit
Facilitation & Delivery
Impact-Driven Innovation

Our Brand Pillars

Functional Application of Technical Education

We expand beyond basic technical literacy and strive to educate within context; Empowering emerging entrepreneurs to deliver practical value while scaling social impact.

Inclusive Roadmap to Digital Entrepreneurship

Many aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those from underserved communities,have been historically excluded from innovation education.The App Accelerator deploys a digestible framework that makes onboarding easier than ever.

Dynamic Economic Diversification

Relying on a diverse set of industries is crucial for economic stability. App-based entrepreneurship introduces diversity by creating a robust pathway to new sectors and transforming existing ones. This diversification helps local economies withstand challenges in specific sectors and promotes resilience.

App Acceleration in the US Virgin Islands

The App Accelerator was piloted in the US Virgin Islands in partnership with the University of the Virgin Islands Research & Technology Park.

Operating under the name The USVI Idea Incubator it operates as a launchpad for aspiring tech entrepreneurs guiding ambitious local innovators through the intricate journey of turning their tech ideas into scalable ventures. Entrepreneurs were provided with the knowledge, tools, and resources to succeed in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Listen in as participants share thoughts on their experience.

The App Accelerator In The News

Innovators Unveil their Groundbreaking Web and App Businesses

Innovators unveiled their groundbreaking web and app businesses on Thursday at the RTPark headquarters on St. Croix for the inaugural USVI Idea Incubator program….. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the App Accelerator is for my community?

Let’s discuss it. Please reach out to us through the button below and we’ll arrange a call to discuss the specifics and logistics of the opportunity.  From there, we can start a mutual vetting process to make sure that our program is the right fit for your community and that our organizations are a good match for each other.

What is a white label approach?

We employ a done-with-you model in which your organization can position the program under your own name and brand, however the facilitation will be powered by us.

We provide you with a turn-key solution, yet a large part of your regional success rests in your ability to scale, innovate and add unique value to your program.

Can I license individual parts of the program and not the entire model?

Each part is essential to the whole. The App Accelerator is built on a step-by-step framework carefully curated to bolster a firm foundation education and a pathway to product development success.

Can The App Accelerator be deployed anywhere in the world?

Absolutely. At the moment, the program is only offered in English however we are planning to expand and localize the curriculum into new languages.